Monday, October 27, 2014

Jamal Adams is the Flop King!

2014 LSU Safety Jamal Adams - The Flop King

2014 LSU Safety Jamal Adams - Florida Flop

2014 LSU Safety Jamal Adams - Ole Miss Flop

In what is being called another Oscar-worthy performance, LSU's Jamal Adams performed a flop move during the third quarter of the LSU-Ole Miss game Saturday.

After Ole Miss quarterback nudged the freshman safety with his shoulder, Adams fell backwards, arms flailing right in front of a referee. Ole Miss was penalized 15 yards for "unsportsmanlike conduct," which was likely due to Adams' theatrical flop.

Adams pulled the same move before when the Tigers took on the Gators in Gainesville a few weeks ago.

Florida receiver Andre Dubose shoved Adams, who then dramatically flopped to the ground.
His flop moves are certainly getting noticed, and Adams has been unofficially crowned "king," the king of flops, who is possibly channeling his inner King James, LeBron James. The pro basketball superstar is known for his epic flops on the court.

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LMFAO!!! The way he flails his arms out is just classic. I love this guy!

Geaux Tigers!!!

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