Thursday, June 23, 2011

LSU Coaches Star on YouTube!!!

If you were wondering how LSU’s “busy” coaches spend their summer down time, a pair of YouTube videos supply the answer.

In the first, football coach Les Miles is locked in a losing battle with his kids in a backyard basketball showdown when he pulls out a pair of secret weapons: shoes given to him by ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt. The result is a shocking reversal of fortune.

In the second half of the double feature, the normally reserved Trent Johnson challenges LSU men’s basketball publicist and renowned Advocate bowling columnist Kent Lowe to an in-office bowling showdown involving a basketball and what appear to be 10 bottles of sports drink subbing for a ball and pins.

Both are highly tongue in cheek. Funny? It helps to know the people involved (that is a logo of Lowe at the end of the Johnson video and Macy Grace Miles sang the national anthem at an LSU baseball game this season), but you’d have to be pretty stiff not to at least have a chuckle. If nothing else, it’s fun to see millionaire coaches not take themselves so seriously.

Check out the article at LSU TigerTracks.


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