Thursday, August 20, 2009

Solar SunFlowers!!!

Solar Sunflowers

Solar Sunflowers

Solar Sunflowers

Solar Sunflowers

Fifteen flower-shaped solar panels have been installed in an open space between a highway and a retail lot in Austin, Texas.

They not only provide a green source of energy, but also bring a fresh look to solar panel design.

Designed by Massachusetts art duo Harries/Heder, the SunFlowers are an art exhibit at heart, and stand over 30 feet tall.

They collect power from the sun by day, and use that energy to power their blue LEDs at night.

Up to 15 kilowatts of surplus power is sent back to the grid as payment for any maintenance fees the SunFlowers incur.

Check out the article at Fox News.

Cool idea! I need some of those for my yard... wonder how much they cost!

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