Friday, September 28, 2007

LSU Hurricane Katrina Giveback

LSU Tigers' special uniforms for the Tulane game in New Orleans - 2007

LSU Kicker Colt David scores his first career touchdown after a brilliant Fake FG!

LSU's Darry Beckwith scores a sack against the South Carolina Gamecocks

Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans, LA - The LSU Tigers' home away from home

BATON ROUGE -- The LSU Tigers will wear special uniforms for its game against Tulane on Saturday as part of an effort to assist the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts in New Orleans.

The uniforms will feature purple jerseys with a special emblem emblazoned on the shoulders, with white helmets and white pants.

All merchandise is available online at or at the LSU Athletics Gift Center.

Nike has introduced a set of limited edition jerseys and other apparel with part of the proceeds from sales earmarked for assisting the youth of New Orleans. Worn by both teams, the uniforms will feature a special pelican emblem designed by Nike. The Pelican emblem is a tribute to the state bird and stylistically resembles the Phoenix, a symbol of the City’s rebirth. The emblem will be one of several new additions to Nike’s LSU and Tulane products, which will be on sale at the game and in select retail locations throughout the US. Proceeds from the sale of this product will go towards Nike’s Let Me Play New Orleans fund to help rebuild New Orleans through Sport.

“It’s a wonderful thing for Nike to step up and show the want and desire to sponsor this game and to get behind an event that will bring a great deal of attention to an area that was so adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina,” LSU coach Les Miles said. “This is just another example of Nike’s commitment to the people, especially the youth, of New Orleans and surrounding areas as they continue to rebuild this wonderful city.

“We are excited and honored to be a part of this game and to do our part in continuing to raise awareness of the work that still remains in helping restore New Orleans.”

Nike has announced plans to expand their long-term commitment to New Orleans youth with a series of projects including ReUse-A-Shoe drives, Nike Grind court donations and limited-edition product sales in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Events will begin Sept. 29 at the LSU/Tulane college football game in the New Orleans Superdome where Nike will introduce limited edition jerseys.

Check out the article at LSU Sports.

Looks like we'll be sporting some funky lookin' uniforms in our first game at the Louisiana Superdome this season... we'll be back to the usual uniforms for our next trip to the Superdome, in January! I wonder if the USC Prophylactics... er, Trojans will be able to make it that far. I'm sure they won't have any problems, what with the lineup of cupcakes they have all year. Anyway...

I think Nike is doing a good thing and all, but I have to question the amount of money that will be donated to the Katrina fund... one dollar per item sold. That's $1 donated for every $80 jersey sold. WTF?!? I can see donating $1 from the sale of a $20 hat, but an $80 jersey? They can't do better than that? I would do better to just buy the normal (better looking) $60 jersey and donate $20 to the Katrina fund out of my own pocket!

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