Sunday, December 24, 2006

Taking the Christ out of Christmas?

Christmas without Christ

This is the season to be jolly, but you’d never know it, considering all the attacks on Christmas. In a well-intended but misguided effort to be more inclusive of other religions, some government units, businesses and civic groups are urging everyone to stop saying, “Merry Christmas” and replace it with a bland, and presumably more acceptable, “Happy Holidays.”

As a Christian, I make no apologies for celebrating my faith. There is no getting around it: Christmas is about the birth of Christ. Period. It would be the ultimate insult to relegate Jesus to the background in an effort not to offend non-Christians. We can celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while wishing our Jewish friends, for example, a Happy Hanukkah. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Like it or not, the reality is that this nation was founded by Christians and established, at least in principle, on Judeo-Christian values. The Founding Fathers, most of whom owned slaves, did not always exhibit the Christian spirit but they at least held it up as an ideal. So much so that our currency still reads, “In God we Trust.” At Christmas, the last people that should be offended are Christians. But that is exactly what’s been happening in recent years.

Here's a great example of exactly what I'm talking about... it seems this Jewish Rabbi just couldn't be happy until the Seattle airport put up a Minora along with all of the Christmas trees, and threatened to sue them if they didn't! The Seattle airport officials responded by taking down all of the holiday decorations... it seems they were worried that if they put up a Minora, then they would have to play cultural anthropologist or every other religious group would threaten suit if they weren't represented, too. Since then, the Rabbi has retracted his threat due to all of the bad press it caused. He said that he didn't want the decorations to come down, just that he wanted the Minora added to the holiday decorations. The trees have been put back up, without a Minora accompanying them... WAY TO GO, SEATTLE AIRPORT! Don't bow down to that BS, you display what you want and they can go to Israel if they don't like it!

Remember Jesus Christ this Christmas... after all, that's what it's all about!

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Adrian said...


Its a Christian holiday and America is a predominantly Christian country- so other religions should just feel lucky they dont live in an Islamo-fascist desert state where they would be stoned for even THINKING non-Allah things.


Allah se moer.

Michael-From-The-Future said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Renegade and Everyone!

Still free to utter (or type) those words for now : )

It is sad that we live in a time when common sense doesn't prevail most of the time (but occasionally still does) ; )

Take Care & Enjoy this time of the season !