Monday, September 25, 2006

Superdome Back in Business

2006 Superdome

Inside The Louisiana Superdome

Saints Enter the Superdome for the first time since Hurricane Katrina


NEW ORLEANS — The Superdome will be back in business Monday when the New Orleans Saints march back in to play the Atlanta Falcons.

A sellout crowd will be inside the repaired building, a national cable audience will watch on television, and hundreds of media types will chronicle the spectacle.

The Superdome, from the moment its doors first opened 31 years ago, has symbolized New Orleans’ status as a world-class tourist destination.

Last year, it symbolized the destruction and despair Hurricane Katrina wrought on the Gulf Coast.

New Orleans hopes the rebuilt Superdome will symbolize a great American city’s arduous recovery from a near-death experience.

Check out the article at The Advocate.

Glad to see things are starting to get back to normal again!

And what better way to kick off the newly-renovated Superdome by throwing a kick-ass party! Saturday night - U2, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Green Day rocked the Dome!

To add to the festive atmosphere, a national television audience will be watching the undefeated New Orleans Saints play the Atlanta Falcons tonight.

Follow all the New Orleans Saints action!


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