Friday, June 02, 2006

The National World War II Museum

National D-Day Museum Gets New Name
The National WWII Museum - New Orleans, LA

Iwo Jima Flag Raising - WWII

WWII D-Day Landings - Normandy, France

(New Orleans, LA) -- Congress has officially named the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans as the nation's World War Two museum. Today officials are announcing the museum's new name and mission based on that designation. The event is surrounded by significant fanfare, including the firing of World War Two-era howitzers at the museum in New Orleans warehouse district. Officials are also discussing a planned international conference on World War Two at the museum. It was previously postponed because of Hurricane Katrina.

Check out the article at Cox - Baton Rouge.

The National World War II Museum unveiled its $282 million expansion and Capital Campaign plan that will quadruple the size of the existing facility over the next five years. The expanded museum will cover all of the theaters and services that played a role in World War II and create a national center for research on the war. When completed in phases between 2005 and 2009, it will be a world-class cultural attraction in New Orleans that will dramatically increase visitation and have a powerful economic impact on the city and state.

Galleries and exhibits will include a U.S. Pavilion, Great Campaigns of the War, Mission and Services gallery, The Victory Pavillion, Liberation - Winning the Peace, and Fruits of Victory. They will also feature macro displays, including tanks, airplanes, jeeps and other vintage vehicles. A 400-seat theater will showcase original documentaries and history-themed films, with a signature film on World War II that will employ advanced format and immersion technologies. A USO-style canteen and restaurant with exhibit space, featuring Music of the War Years, will illustrate the importance of entertainment for the morale of troops and citizens alike. Interactive campaign galleries and virtual reality experiences will help immerse visitors in realistic learning experiences on land, sea and air.

Check out the feature at The National WWII Museum website.

Don't take this place for just another boring museum... it's an awesome experience!!! This is a great way to literally show our kids just what our fathers and grandfathers had to do to keep this world safe and free! I can't wait 'til the expansion is completed!

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