Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Battle Tested

Iraq Tech Report
Wired War

Talon Bomb-Diffusing Robot

Buffalo Bomb-Clearing Vehicle

M1A2 Abrahms Battle Tank

Apache Longbow Assault Helicopter

M-14 Sniper Rifle

War spurs innovation, and U.S. soldiers are seeing a lot of it. How well is the new equipment performing in Iraq? Launch this slideshow to find out!

Check out the article at Popular Science.

They brought back the classic M-14 rifle and even made it a sniper! It's basically just an M-1 Garand on steroids, and an excellent rifle to shoot... worked pretty well for Pyle in Full Metal Jacket!

With the amazing new battlefield networking technology available to our troops, the commanders have got to be in hog heaven! That innovation alone will save many lives.

I think the soldiers' best friend would have to be the bomb-diffusing robots... the soldiers are actually forming an emotional bond and naming them! Just check out this article at Fox News about one group of soldiers who are mourning the loss of "Scooby Doo," their unit's beloved robot that was blown up on its 36th mission.

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