Monday, February 13, 2006

The Inheritance Cycle

Eragon Cover Art

Eldest Cover Art

I recently read books one and two of The Inheritance Trilogy, titled Eragon and Eldest, respectively. Book three will be out sometime in the future, release date unknown. Like the Harry Potter Series, these novels are written for young adults, but really can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Christopher Paolini has really done a fantastic job of bringing Alagaesia to life. I guess that's why his first novel, Eragon, was a New York Times Bestseller when he was age 19. Even more impressive, that same novel will be a movie, to be released December 2006, titled Eragon.

UPDATE (2008): Book Three official releases date is September 20, 2008 - titled Brisingr

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do u know when book three comes out