Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Armed Citizen Saves the Day!

Baton Rouge Police officer Brian Harrison pulled 24-year-old George Temple over after he cut off a funeral procession. After Harrison pulled Temple over and wrote him a ticket, the two began to fight. Temple got the best of the officer and was on top of him, and Harrison called for help.

Perry Stephens came to Harrison's aid and shot and killed Temple.

EBRSO's investigation concluded that shots were fired from two guns during the incident.

Harrison fired three shots, hitting Temple once in the stomach.

Stephens ordered Temple to get off the officer. When he didn't, Stevens fired four shots from his own gun into Temple's chest and then one into his head.

Stephens did have a concealed handgun permit. Investigators also said Temple had an arrest record with violent offenses.

Read the first article or the second article at The Advocate

This just goes to show that if every citizen were armed, it would drastically cut down on violent crime in America. What criminal would dare resist an officer when they know there could be a citizen like Perry Stephens nearby? Temple was going to kill that officer... Mr. Stephens just saved us some space in our jail and kept one officer on the street. Nice shooting, Perry!!!

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