Tuesday, February 07, 2006

American Indian Projects

My boy and I are working on a couple of Cub Scout projects about Native Americans. We've both learned some interesting facts about the Indians who lived in the Southeast Region of the United States.

Each Den is assigned a region of the U.S. and is to decorate their table for the Blue and Gold Banquet competition. So far, each boy in our Den has made his own Seminole Patchwork place mat. My son and I have built a frame, out of cured bamboo, of a Seminole Chickee to use as the table's centerpiece. The boys will all help attach the thatched roof at the Den meeting tonight and it will be finished.

The individual project is for each boy to make a poster and a two-paragraph report on the southeastern tribe that he picked from the hat. My boy got the Choctaw tribe, so we'll be researching and printing out photos from the Internet this weekend.

I'll post some photos when everything's finished.

Update: Photos posted


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